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Everything is Under Construction

~Terms Of Service~
Please do not use, edit, change, Re(sell), Steal or post without Credit.

What I will Draw:

Original Characters
Video Game Characters/Fanart
Pokemon Gijinka

What I won’t Draw:

Furries [Coming Soon]
Complex Armor
Hateful Art
NSFW [Coming Soon]
Mech Art
Actual People

I only accept payment through Paypal and Venmo.
Payment must be upfront before I start on your commision.
I have the right to decline your commission if I feel uncomfortable working on it.
I will be providing WIPS [Works In Progress} throughout the work process. This is the only time that any major changes can be made so please do tell me at this time if something is wrong so I can change it accordingly.

There are no refunds after the sketch is sent to you and it’s approved.
I will post all artwork unless told otherwise.
Reposting of the final piece is allowed by the commissioner as long as they credit appropriately.
Commissioning me for an artwork for Commercial and/or Private use will cost extra.
Complex details will also cost extra. Complex details include: simple armor, anthropomorphic features, character design from multiple images/ references{aka Frankendolling}, etc.
Removing my watermark is prohibited. Please do not claim the artwork as your own.
Time frame of the commission depends on both my schedule and the complexity of the artwork.

Any questions can be sent to [email protected]
For Commision Prices, see here